Yoga Ball Balance Trainer

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Fitness Yoga Balance Ball Hemisphere Wave Speed Ball Fit Ball Yoga Hemisphere Versatile Yoga Trainer Tool For Gym And Home Ball


Do you want to use the scientific way to keep your body healthy? This Balance Hemisphere Yoga ball is suitable for you. It is a tool which is used to cooperate in sports fitness ball games. It is made of soft PVC materials, when the body contact with it, the internal inflatable fitness club evenly touches parts of the body to produce the massage effect, and will promote the blood circulation. It not only can help us effectively strengthen physical health, but also the effect of weight loss. Try it and make you more beautiful!

1. It is made of soft PVC materials, durable and non-toxic
2. Suitable for all people to exercise
3. Yoga ball movement has a strong interest
4. Help to training the balance ability of body
5. Has the massage effect
6. Correct your posture
7. High quality with low price

1. Material: PVC
2. Color: Black
3. Dimensions: (22.05 x 8.66) / (56 x 22)cm (H x Dia.)
4. Weight: 8.82lb / 4kg

Package Includes:
1 x Balance Hemisphere
2 x Pulling Ropes
1 x Inflatable Barrel