Foldable Heating Foot Massage Spa

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- ENJOY THE MOST RELAXING FOOT MASSAGE IN HOME: Why spend a fortune on a masseuse when you can enjoy a relaxing at home whenever you want? The portable an electric foot bath tub or cleaner that will massage and exfoliate your foot at any hour of the day!

- THE FOOT SOAK MASSAGER with heat or feet washer has a textured base and a bubble gas wave function that will massage every single part of your FEET

- EASY TO CARRY: There are many foot baths or foot soaking tub on the market, but most of them are bulky and hard to store. This foot bath is collapsible so it's incredibly compact and easy to store.


1. Folding foot bath electric heated foot bath automatic massage footbath home pedicure foot bath barrel constant temperature, automatic heating constant temperature, convenient storage.

2. It has ozone sterilization function, can be adjusted at a constant temperature, and the temperature does not exceed 48 degrees, which is safe and reliable.

3. The folding foot bath can save space and be clean.

4. Automatic power off, multi-layer protection, electric heating.

SIZE: 45*41.3*25CM
Power: 500W
Material: PP + TPR
Frequency: 50Hz
Capacity: 4L
Product Name: Electric Folding foot bath