Abdominal Training Bench

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Home Adjustable Abdominal Trainer Bench Machine Fitness Exercise Equipment

Model: G26944
Material: Steel, Foam, ABS
Color: Black
Size: 40*90*123cm (15.7"x35.4"x48.4")
Data display power by: 1*AA battery (the battery NOT included)
Max capacity: 150kg

● Workout your abdomen, arms, legs and hips.
● Adjustable height design, the steeper the more difficult.
● It can be foldable that for easy storage.
● Get perfect shape ,lose your weight.
● The machine is so stable and in high performance.
● With an easy to operate electronic counter, the measurement is accurate and practical.

Package included:
1 X Abdominal Trainer (the battery NOT included)
1 X Manual