Fitness Yoga Ball

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Yoga Ball


  1. function: yoga assisted training, maternal midwifery, children play, slimming bodybuilding, office workers relax, men's fitness
  2. material: PVC
  3. colors: gray; purple; blue; pink
  4. size: 55 cm; 65 cm; 75 cm
  5. weight: 600 g; 800 g; 900 g
  6. Applicable scenes: fitness equipment, sports trends, fitness and body, extreme challenges, health massage, dance
  7. Applicable people: all


  1. Spiral anti-skid pattern, safe and stable, stable surface structure, enhance safety for exercise
  2. Reinforced explosion-proof, more peace of mind, in the event of a sharp object caused by cracking, the crack will not become bigger
  3. Safety explosion-proof, constantly refreshing standards, withstand 1000 kg
  4. Use PVC healthy material
  5. Yoga life, the magical yoga ball that everyone is using, middle-aged and elderly, pregnant women, midwife play, slimming, office workers relax and men's fitness
  6. Three sizes to choose from, you can choose the size according to the height
  7. Yoga ball exercise is suitable for all people, including those who need rehabilitation. It makes exercisers safer during exercise, avoiding strong impact on joints and avoiding sports injuries. Some people with injuries on the lower back may not be able to do it because they have a back injury. However, when doing yoga, you can use a soft yoga ball to help the athletes exercise. The role.
  8. Relying on a yoga ball to exercise, you can breasts hips, skinny legs and arms, tall and straight posture and exercise waist strength, etc.

Due to long-term folding storage, the ball will have some wrinkles after the first inflation, and will be smoothed after a full gas

Product List:
1* yoga ball
1* foot inflatable tube
1* tape measure
1* gas extraction
1* air plug