Electric Pulse Neck Massager

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SKG Massager For Neck k5 Electric Pulse Neck Massager Relieve Pain Sound Prompt Head Massager Hot compress


1. 4 massage modes, 4 electrodes slices, 3 levels hot compress. You can feel the hot compress in 3 seconds, which makes the capillaries dilate, accelerates blood circulation, and relieves the cold and stiff neck
2. One charge lasts for 5 days working 1000mAh large battery, fully charge in 3 hours
3. Intelligent voice prompt. 

4. Scroll wheel control & We chat control, more convenient
5.Cool color design. Using the mobile phone shell gradient color technology, gradient illusion. Light and dark light and shadow flow between the neck, highlighting individuality, neck dazzling accessories.

How to use:

1.Long press the hot compress : turn on/off the voice prompt
One click : adjust the temperature (Low: 37-39℃ ; Med 39-41℃ ; High 41-43℃)
2.Long press the scroll wheel to turn on/off

3.Click to adjust the massage modes

4.Slide to adjust massage intensity

More advanced features:

1. Multiple massage methods

2. 3-level heating with large hot compress area

3. Ergonomics massage heads, perfectly fit for your neck

4. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry

Safe To Use:

Clean the electrode pads after use to avoid sweat remaining on it, which may cause corrosion for a long time.
The soothing gel patch is a consumable product, and the number of uses is about 10 times or three consecutive days. Sticking to the electrode for a long time, the oil and dander on the skin will breed bacteria and multiply, and the electrode will appear spots!