Body Slimming Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

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Laser for fat reduction, use the 650nm soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells, broke the cell membrane, change the fat to triglyceride, then leave out the body, thanks to metabolism. The laser heat can Stimulate the subcutaneous dermal tissue collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, make the treated area skin tighten and elasticity.

Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat
Excess fat cell melted
Body slimming, cellulite reduction
Smooth fatigue
Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals
Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism

Product Specifications:
1. Laser wavelength:650nm & 635nm
2. Laser type: Diode laser
3. Mummers of treatment probe:14(10big probes and 4 small probes)
4. Mummers of diode laser: 8 points diode laser on each big laser pads , 2diode laser on small laser pad
5. Timer: 30 minutes Max
6. Energy 1 to 12 adjustable
7. Cooling Requirements: Air cooling
8. Working temperature:10-40 degree
9. Input current:240V/110V AC

Treated Scope:
Vasodilator Fatness of orange skin Tighten the skin tissue, prevent slack Lipolysis Enhance Flexibility of the fibroblast Edema obesity Solid obesity Decomposition of the fatness on the whole or partial body.

Taboos (Who are not suitable to use this machine)
1.Pregnant women or women during in menses.
3.Patients with malignancy.
4.Patient whose wound after operation has not healed up.
5.Acute inflammation or epidemical patients.
6.Whom with heart diseases or with heart pacemaker..
7.Whom with kidney (gall-stone ) disease.
8.Who was embedded metal object or silica gel.
9.Who in menses, birth control period, emiction  incontinence period, or accepting the belly operation.
10.Whose body always take much inner hot.
11.Who has the genetic hypersensitivity.