3/5 pcs Massage Foam Roller Set

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Product features:

Relax and recover the fascia.
❤ Reduce muscle and joint pain.
❤ Prevent injury and muscle pulling.
❤ It is very suitable for use before and after exercise.
❤ Use regularly to reduce the recovery time of muscle pain and injury.
❤ Improve muscle strength, physical activity and flexibility.


Material: EPP
size: 33 * 14cm 24 * 12cm 16 * 8cm 8 * 8cm 15 * 5.3cm
quantity: 5pcs/set
Fitness Yoga Roller: Muscle Back
Massage Column: Equipment Brick
muscle massage column: Back Muscle Massage Roller
Fitness Foam Roller: Yoga Column
Massage Brick: Muscle Relax Massage
Yoga Block Fitness: Yoga Block
Massage Ball: Yoga Foam Roller Kit
Yoga Foam Roller: Pilates Exercises massage roller
Gym muscle massage: massage column
Roller Massage: Fitness Foam Roller
Pilates Body Exercises: Pilates Foam Roller
Yoga Foam Roller Blocks: Gym Massage
Home Training Equipment: gym Training Equipment