50 & 65lbs Cast Iron Dumbbell Set

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Papababe Adjustable Dumbbells Cast Iron with Connector 50,65LBS, Adjustable Dumbbell Sets Lifting Dumbells


Chromed Steel dumbbell Connector: Easily turn two dumbbells into one barbell with the high-quality steel connector. The connector handle is knurled for better grip and increased safety during exercises. Compatible with 1-inch spin-lock dumbbells.

High quality: This adjustable dumbbells set made from solid steel with chrome finish, have long-lasting protection; textured grips promote secure, comfortable hold.

Versatile: Our adjustable dumbbells set with dumbbell Connector offer great versatility and interchangeability, easy to to switch between working out with dumbbells or a barbell , Suitable for performing basic toning body workouts, core fitness, strength exercises and heavy leg lifts

Convenience: All-for-one adjustable dumbbells eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells in your workout space. Great for training in your home gym, garage, or workout space.


* 12" X 1 Connector
* 16''x 1'' handles X 2
* 1.25-pound plates X4
* 2.5-pound plates X4
* 5-pound plates X8
* Collars X4.