5 - 10KG Hexagon Dumbbells Set

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Fixed weights for arm rows, goblet squats, dumbbell clean, farmers’ walk, bent-over rows, step-ups, chest presses, etc.
Multipurpose: Iron dumbbells great for muscle building. Ideal for heavy-duty weightlifters and body builders. Will fit in home, gyms, clubs, studios, fitness classes.
Antiroll: Hex weight heads don’t roll on uneven workout surface. PVC coating over the heads serve as a protective layer to reduce dents and scratches in the floor.
Ergonomic: Comfortable hand grip,Easy to grip, nonslip and heavy enough for arm muscle workout.
Durable: Selected cast iron dumbbells filled with concrete. Coated with fine black PVC covering over the heads to absorb impact and protect floor if it falls.
2pcs for one pack: Indoor/outdoor hand weights easy to store and perfect for travel. Will help you build muscle mass for cardio training. Weight visible on dumbbell heads for reference.


2 x 10kg/22lb:
N. W.: 19.5kg
G. W.: 20.3kg

Colour: Black
Materials: PVC, cement, iron
Overall product size:33.3*15*15cm/13.1*5.9*5.9in
Carton size: 40.5*22*38cm/15.9*8.7*15in
Overall length: 33.3cm (each)
Weight diameter: 15cm (each)
Grip length: 10.6cm (each)
Grip diameter: 3.9cm(each)
Dumbbell width: 11cm
2 x 7.5kg/16.5lb:
N. W.: 15kg
G. W.: 15.4kg

Colour: Black
Materials: PVC, cement, iron
Overall product size:31*14.6*14.6cm/12.2*5.7*5.7in
Carton size:37*21*35.5cm/14.6*8.3*14in
Overall length: 31cm (each)
Weight diameter: 14.6cm (each)
Grip length: 9.9cm (each)
Grip diameter:4.0cm(each)
Dumbbell width:10cm
2 x 5kg/11lb
N. W.: 9.88kg
G. W.: 10.36kg

Colour: Black
Materials: PVC, cement, iron
Overall product size: 27.5*12.9*12.9cm/10.8*5.1*5.1in
Carton size:35*21*36cm/13.8*8.3*14.2in
Overall length: 27.5cm (each)
Weight diameter: 12.9cm(each)
Grip length: 9.3cm (each)
Grip diameter: 3.8cm(each)
Dumbbell width:8.9cm(each)

Package Includes:
2 x Dumbbells

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