30.7in 13 In 1 Push-Up Board

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  • Highlight description:
    New product in 2020: Upgrade 13-in-1 portable push-up board, use different color-coded push-up boards for specific muscles (blue chest, red shoulders, yellow back and green triceps)
    Foldable and portable: The fitness board is foldable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to carry.
    High-strength material: made of high-quality ABS plastic, safe and firm. Anti-slip handle with anti-slip stickers to prevent the training board from sliding during exercise.
    Reach your fitness goals: exercise your shoulders, triceps, chest and back, exercise the perfect muscles you want to build, and burn calories.
    The push-up rack is equipped with a German manual, which can provide you with German services. You can do push-ups at home or anywhere according to the fitness plan made in the instructions without going to the gym. It is suitable for men and women, professional fitness personnel and amateur fitness enthusiasts.

  • Precisely exercise multiple upper body muscles in a short time to focus on pumping and strengthen the strength. Multiple positions and angles can be exercised to effectively shape the upper body muscles. Exercise to: ① deltoid ② pectoralis major ③ latissimus dorsi-④ forearm ⑤ wrist
  • The bottom plate is thickened and reinforced, and the structure is more stable, environmentally friendly, and odorless
  • Foldable structure design, light and small, easy to store, easy to store, easy to store, easy to carry
  • Red area zone shoulder muscle training
    Yellow zone latissimus dorsi training
    Blue zone chest training


Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Teaching Mode: Book
Form: Echelon Push-up Rack
feature 1: 13 in 1 Push-Up Board
feature 2: Foldable Muscle Trainer
feature 3: Push Up Rack Board
feature 4: Push-Up Board
feature 5: Push Up Rack Board
feature 6: Muscle Building Equipment
feature 7: Multifunctional Fitness Equipment
feature 8: Pushup Stands
feature 9: Sporting Goods
material 10: ABS plastic
size: 78*20*2.5cm