3 Channel Recordable ECG Machine

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Product introduction:

TLC9803 dynamic electrocardiograph using custom of three lead system, by the company to continuous recording ECG waveform for 24 hours, and through the PC software analysis ECG waveform. This product is suitable for all kinds of medical institutions and community health care.

Record box features:

To adopt advanced technology for design and development to ensure record box is stable, reliable, durable.

Possess strong anti-interference, shock resistance.

Record box of small volume, is equipped with OLED color screen, 260000 color 160 * 128 resolution.

With functions of waveform preview, record review, event flag.

Built-in real-time clock can accurately record the start time of data collection.

Using the embedded TF card to store data, to avoid repeated plug caused damage.

Up to 2 gb capacity, ensure that the original data storage full analysis, without compression.

Using high-speed USB2.0 interface, a single medical record playback time is not an average of more than 40 seconds, plug and play.

Record box of internal with high precision, high frequency sampling design, a complete record ECG waveform in detail.

Each record box are equipped with a higher sampling frequency of logging, accurately record the working state of the cardiac pacemaker.

The software features:

Based on superposition of guide slope (MCSSTM) and tree multi-layer classification (TMCATM) arrhythmia automatic analysis can greatly reduce the workload of doctors.

Adopting three synchronization analysis, make the QRS wave to find accurate and no distortion.


The attachment:

One set of three lead lead wire

A bag of electrodes (20 pieces)

A USB cable

a set of Pack

A specification

Physical properties

Record box size: 111 mm (L) (W) * 60 mm * 25 mm (H)