Excess fat and cellulite can cause a variety of cosmetic issues, including unattractive contouring and a dimpled "cottage cheese" appearance caused by fat cells protruding due to constricted fibrous bands under the skin.

Why treat excess fat?
Physical and emotional reasons for treating excess fat include:

Improved appearance.
Enhanced self-esteem.
Promotion of better health.

The best strategy to remove excess fat is through proper diet and exercise. Some stubborn areas, however, don't respond well to either diet or exercise. For these circumstances, several options are available, including liposuction, cryolipolysis, focused ultrasound, minimally invasive lasers and non-invasive procedures.

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* Lose Weight

* Lower blood pressure

* Lower levels of triglycerides
* Lower risk of heart disease
* Improve mobility and reduced pain
* Better sex and less erectile dysfunction
* Improved mood
* Better sleep
* Higher self-esteem


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