Shipping policy

Handling of your order

We will handle your order within five working days of when we receive it. Note that Sundays and Holidays (wherever in the chain of supply they occur) may not be considered working days.

If there are problems with your information, including address and phone number, they may delay the dispatch of your order.

Sending your order

You may want to pay close attention to the location and availability of your chosen item and variant, because that can have a very big effect on how quickly the item gets to you.

We will work to dispatching your order from the closest warehouse that has stock of your item in the variant that you choose. 

We will work towards sending your order by the carrier and mode that you have chosen, specified and paid for with your order. 

Any tracking number and information will be made available to you, either at your contact email or number, or by indirect means, such as being posted at this web store with your account messages.